8 Reasons to/NOT to Buy Yeezy 380 2019

Since Yeezy 380 appeared in 2019, the reviews for Yeezy 380 were mixed. Some people say that Yeezy 380 looks ugly, but some people say it looks good, so today We will analyze 8 reasons to buy or not to buy Yeezy 380.

Yeezy 380 on feet

We spent 10 hours reading reviews from Yeezy users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

5 Reasons to buy:

  • Yeezy 380 is Kanye’s new work, as his big fans must buy.
  • The quality of Yeezy 380 is just simply amazing, according to 50%reviewers.
  • Yeezy 380 is a Yeezy 350 v2 upgrade that looks stronger than 350 v2, according to 90% reviewers.
  • The 380’s design has a good breathability, and the leather upper is stronger than the Woven upper, according to 80% reviewers.
  • Yeezy 380 sole has a good anti-slip effect, according to 50% reviewers.

Yeezy 380 black on feet

3 Reasons not to buy

  • The minority of reviewers find the Adidas Yeezy 350 good looking and keeping up with the trend, according to 30% reviewers.
  • Some reviewers perceive the Adidas Yeezy 380 Boost, like other Yeezys, its price is not acceptable, according to 70% reviewers.
  • These Yeezys are hard to obtain because of the limited releases, so they would rather buy fake Yeezy 380, according to 400% reviewers.

buy Yeezy 380 Online

The Adidas Yeezy 380 is Kanye West’s new sneaker artwork in 2019. It may become one of the most popular sneakers in the future. The price of the Yeezy 380 is not hard to accept compared to most sports shoes on the market. Here you can buy the good quality fake Yeezy 380 on the pop sneaker.

Overall, if you have enough money and you like Yeezy 380, then you can buy it, what are you afraid of?

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