Where are fake yeezys made?

Where are fake yeezys made? Is the fake YEEZY produced in Vietnam? Is the fake YEEZY produced in India? Is the fake YEEZY produced in UK? None of them. Many fake YEEZY shoes are actually made in China. Even when you receive a pair of Yeezy shoe replica with “made in Vietnam” written on it, it is likely to be made in China.

fake yeezys taobao

These are YEEZY on Taobao. Fake Yeezys are not only sold on Chinese e-commerce platform, but also sold all over the world. When you search for “fake Yeezy” in Google, the search engine will recommend many fake Yeezy websites for you. Most of these websites are made by Chinese.

fake Yeezy websites

The fake Yeezy made in China is no longer news. As early as 2014, China’s fake shoe manufacturing industry attracted the attention of CCTV and reported it. But under the attack of the police, in recent years, fake shoes are no longer sold so blatantly, but replaced by another method.

fake Yeezy made in China

Selling fake YEEZY online is a huge profit industry. Many Chinese have changed from poor to rich just by selling fake shoes online.

perfect YEEZY replicas

The fake YEEZY made in China has been recognized by many people. Although it is disgraceful, in terms of imitation shoe technology, these perfect YEEZY replicas are amazing. They look the same as the genuine YEEZY.








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