The Challenge Between Fake Yeezy Cream White and Real Cream White

As one of the most classic Yeezys, Yeezy 350 v2 Cream White became the best-selling Yeezy shoes. So when fake Yeezy cream white is cheaper than real Yeezy cream white but its quality better than the real one. Which will you choose to buy?

fake Yeezy cream white

Today, let us look at the difference between genuine Yeezy Cream White and fake Yeezy Cream White, and whether we should buy fake Yeezy?

  • From the appearance, there is basically no difference between true and false Yeezy Cream White. (High version of fake Yeezy);
  • From the point of view of touch, the material of fake Yeezy Cream White shoes does not seem to be as soft as the real Yeezy Cream White, but the difference is not very obvious;
  • Judging from the feeling during putting the shoes on feet, the fake one is not as comfortable as the true Yeezy. But it does not influence normal exercise.

fake Yeezy cream white on feetfake Yeezy cream white

The above pictures are fake Yeezy 350 v2 Cream White. You may not know that in China, you only need to spend $20 to buy a pair of good quality fake YEEZY.

fake Yeezy cream white

Therefore, I really do not recommend that you spend thousands of dollars to buy a pair of shoes, especially when you do not have the ability to consume these luxury goods. Of course, if you don’t mind buying fake shoes, you can also spend dozens of dollars to buy fakes. this is your choice. But I hope you understand a fact. Yeezy shoes are not as good as you think, why? Let me analyze it for you.

fake Yeezy cream white

Kanye West gave YEEZY life but is also destroying YEEZY now. We have to admit that YEEZY is declining.

fake Yeezy cream white

Although Kanye West launched more colorways YEEZY 350 V2 and the new Yeezy 700 MNVN series in 2020, these are not comparable to Yeezy 350 v1 series.

fake Yeezy cream white

Changing colors is design? Change material is innovation? What the hell? Don’t be a fool!! Perhaps the first generation of Yeezy 350 v2 is a bit interesting, but after that, we really can’t appreciate these new YEEZYs. I feel that YEEZY is following the way of Air Jordan shoes. They are cheating us!!!

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