Where to Buy Fake Yeezy Shoes Through Paypal?

Since some people used paypal to scam, Paypal began to prohibit websites where sales fakes from using paypal to collect payments. So, many people have encountered such problems: Where to buy fake Yeezy shoes through Paypal?

Where to buy fake Yeezy shoes through Paypal

In fact, on some websites, you can still use paypal to order fake Yeezy. But it is difficult to find such a website. In order to help everyone find such a website as quickly as possible, we have conducted a survey on this. But in order to protect personal privacy and website security, we only provide the email addresses and WhatsApp contact information of these merchants.

use paypal to order fake Yeezy

You can find the fake Yeezys sellers through the following contact methods:

  1. whatsapp: +85257001430
  2. Email: yezzystatic@gmail.com
  3. Instagram: popsneakersreps
  4. Facebook: popsnke
  5. Email: buypopsneakers@gmail.com

These are the contact ways from the fake Yeezys website where can use paypal to shop. Some people want to buy fake Yeezys from Turkey, but I want to say that most of fake yeezys sellers are Chinese. So if you bought a fake Yeezys through paypal, don’t hesitate, it’s made in China.

fake yeezy turkey