The difference between real and fake yeezy 380 “Blue Oat”

As time approaches June, Yeezy Boost 380 “Blue Oat”, which has not been released for a long time, is finally on sale. The main color of Yeezy Boost 380 “Blue Oat” earthy yellow with a blue design has been mixed, but this color will be released in June anyway.

yeezy 380 “Blue Oat”

There are three differences between real and fake yeezy 380 “Blue Oat”.

fake yeezy 380 “Blue Oat” real yeezy 380 “Blue Oat”

  • The real yeezy 380 “Blue Oat”, Bright blue side through the shoe body, great contrast of bright tones, the design of the fake yeezy 380 “Blue Oat” is very convenient for putting on and taking off.
  • With real yeezy 380 “Blue Oat” increased effect, the thickness difference between the front and rear palms is obvious, and the fake yeezy 380 “Blue Oat” can also provide a driving force for walking.
  • The wear-resistant raw rubber outsole of the fake yeezy 380 “Blue Oat” is equipped with dense lines and is resistant to dirt and wear. In summer, such a pair of shoes is enough.

The reflection effect of yeezy 380 “Blue Oat” is still bright, the silver light sense and the dark shoe body composition show a high contrast, the effect is particularly eye-catching.

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