Exposing the Production Process of Fake Yeezys

How are fake yeezys made? Many people are curious about the process of making fake Yeezy shoes. Let’s take a look at how they make fake Yeezy shoes today.

How are fake yeezys made

As you can see, all YEEZY shoes go through the production line. The shoes in the picture are the Yeezy 350 v2 static issued in 2018.

According to the reporter’s interview, before each kind of shoe is mass-produced, the manufacturer needs to spend a lot of money to make a shoe abrasive tool, which is worth $2000. When the shoe abrasive tool is made, the workers start according to the shoe abrasive tool. Mass production.

shoe abrasive tool.
                                                                                        shoe abrasive tool

Currently, Yeezy is the most frequently copied brand.Kanye West finally realized his dream of making Yeezy affordable for everyone.

fake yeezy black white

Fake Yeezys are also divided into different batches. If you bought a particularly bad fake Yeezy, then you can return fake yeezys. In most cases, the seller will not agree to your return, but you can appeal to the bank or ask them for a refund.

return fake yeezys

The best fake yeezys on the market is 1:1 replica Yeezy. Their production process and the materials of the shoes are modeled after genuine Yeezy shoes.

fake yeezy production line

Many people ask for exposing fake Yeezys, or tell them the differences between real and fake yeezys. But if fake Yeezys that look real and cheap for sale, will you buy it?

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