Adidas Yeezy 500 “Bone White” Release Time

The Yeezy 500 has a new “Bone White” colorways, which might be released in August 2019.

The overall choice of milky white tone is the main color of the shoes, and the white color of the outsole is used as a layering. It is still a crossover between the mesh and the suede fabric. The overall body is retro and simple. The overall shape continues the Yeezy 500’s consistent multi-material stitching design, which is not changed.

Judging from the pictures released at present, the outsole is dressed in butter color, which is different from the previously exposed raw rubber color outsole, and the small fresh breath is full.
The Yeezy 500 released this time uses a rare raw rubber material to outline the unique outsole curve of the coconut 500 shoes, which is more unique with the contrast of the body.

The official designation of this new colorway is “Bone White”, the bone-white body is very similar to the first color, it will be very difficult to get.