OFF-WHITE 2020 Autumn and Winter Series Shoes!

  • The American High Street brand, both Kanye West‘s royal styling consultant and Virgil Abloh, founder of the Chicago fashion store RSVP Gallery, showed off its latest brand Off-White in Paris. The off-white fashion brand is rooted in modern culture. With a specific point of view, the collection of men’s and women’s clothing in different seasons. The brand’s products are also transforming the way people live in the field of furniture and ready-made products.

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  • Today we mainly talk about OFF-WHITE shoes.
  • What kind of items should you buy in 2019? OFF-WHITE In addition to the ODSY-1000 shoes that have been exposed to you earlier, Dad Shoes, Loafer and Chelsea boots, such as snakeskin, can be seen on the show. The OFF-WHITE logo can be seen in the design. Elements such as arrows and twill. The above shoes will be released in the OFF-WHITE 2019 Fall/Winter collection.

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